Hi! I'm a Remote Digital Product and UX Designer

I'm Lars, a human-centered designer with agency and corporate experience within the finance, insurance, transportation, self storage, and healthcare industries.

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My Approach

Understand People & Context

Listen. Don't jump to conclusions. Get to know people and their contexts.

Workshop Ideas

Abstract. Brainstorm ideas. Collaborate with others to generate plausible solutions amidst constraints.

Prototype & Test Solutions

Sprint.  Learn lots fast. Reduce liability through rapid testing with users.

Design & Develop

Realize. Design for the deliverable. Handoff designs or develop in Wordpress or Webflow.

Design Systems

Design Systems

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Remote Collaboration & Communication

Remote Collaboration & Communication

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Customers and Clients

Design Autobiography

I’m an Interaction and User Experience Designer from Kansas City. I design for people through collaboration. I create joyful omni-channel experiences that increase customer satisfaction, improve usability, and reduce risk.

I hold an M.A. in Interaction & User Experience from The University of Kansas, and a B.A. in English Literature. I first learned of the design process when I watched the Shopping Cart Re-Design by IDEO. I believe that effective design starts with efficient communication and that anyone can contribute with the right mindset and methods.

Lars Erickson

My Experience

Product Designer


Working embedded on an agile product team, I own the design vision of a storage-unit FMS software. This product interacts with the other products in the Storable ecosystem. From discovery to delivery, I work with the Product Manager, Product Owner, and engineers to provide our customers value.

User Experience Designer


Useagility is a design/build agency located in Kansas City, MO. We provide design and development services to companies and individuals that have a challenge and need a solution. Historically, our clients have been within the transportation and finance industries as well as non-profit sector.


I worked with and taught Lars for at least three years. He's a bright, imaginative and thoughtful designer. With an eternally positive disposition, I and others who worked with Lars found him consistently to be a pleasure to work with. I recommend him.

Michael Eckersley

Principal of HumanCentered

Lars is smart, self-driven, respectful, and fun to work with. Being an independent, professional contributor is important . . . He has the ability to empathize with the user, which is quality I always look for in designers because that is a skill that is more difficult to train.

Liz Armstrong

Product Manager at Esri

Lars has a thirst for work and education . . . In addition to doing quality work very quickly, Lars is always looking to keep up with the most recent industry trends. Lars is calm and collected under pressure, and I would be glad to have him be a part of any team.

Melissa Sorrick

Design Lead at GEHA Health

He's energetic, extremely motivated, collaborative, creative, and constantly looking out into the tech industry so that he can be the best Designer possible. He has high aspirations in his career and I recommend him to future hiring managers.

Megan Kannard

Director of Product Design at Storable

Lars is a true thought leader ... He propelled our teams to successful and timely delivery to the delight of leadership and ultimately our customers. What I like most about Lars is how personable and patient he is when working through iterative planning-always listening and finding the right user experience to fit challenging use cases.

John Stoeckel

Software Architect at Storable

Three words I would use to describe Lars - thorough, collaborative and innovative. Serving with Lars on the Board of the UXPA in Kansas City, I've seen a consistency in his ability to work in the detail, with others as part of a team and to push for, research and develop new ideas and into new areas of growth. I highly recommend Lars as a professional.

Tom Morse-Brown

Design Manager at WCG Clinical